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To Go along with PizzAmore’s release, the soundtrack is now available on iTunes and Bandcamp, with Amazon and more soon to follow!
You can download the soundtrack for only $5 or less, depending on the website! Be sure to check it out!
iTunes ($4.95)
Bandcamp ($5 and includes the digital booklet)
And be sure to download the game too! - Pizz’Amore

To Go along with PizzAmore’s release, the soundtrack is now available on iTunes and Bandcamp, with Amazon and more soon to follow!

You can download the soundtrack for only $5 or less, depending on the website! Be sure to check it out!

iTunes ($4.95)

Bandcamp ($5 and includes the digital booklet)

And be sure to download the game too! - Pizz’Amore

Hot, Fresh and Right out the Oven! It's Pizz'Amore! With a special announcement!

Hey there everyone!!

That’s right, today’s the day. Pizz’Amore is finally open for business!! As of right now, 4PM EST on August 1st, 2014, Pizz’Amore is officially up and ready for download

I’m extremely proud of my team behind this project, it’s been a big honor and pleasure and I think we all grew and gained something from it!

But enough with the formalities right?

Here’s what you can expect from Pizz’Amore if you’re just joining us:


"Pizz’Amore" is a cute and funny short visual novel where you, the owner of the famous New York pizzeria ‘Pizz’Amore’ find love in a VERY strange and magical way!

"You play as either Mario or Maria, the owner and lone chef of the famous New York Pizzeria “Pizz’Amore” who is suddenly and cruelly dumped! Unable to cope with the heartbreak, you decide that you will make the perfect pizza to heal your wounded heart!

However, the next morning, you receive a special oven that, from what you are told, was bequeathed to you by your late Grandmama! Your pizzeria flourishes that day evenmore so, but that night, you find out that the oven not only brings customers, but also brought two floury twins! This brother and sister tell you that they did not know where they came from and plead for your help, which melts your heart. You also find that the bags they brought with them have multiple clothes that strangely remind you of PIZZA TOPPINGS! What will you do?”

Featuring the FULLY-VOICED CAST of:

Helene Daviau as Maria
Ethan Nakashima as Mario
Sheila M. Gagne as K
Peter Gerkman as Dough
Cayla Martin as Dougha
Ethan Nakashima as Ex (Male
Chandra Sakura Hughes as Ex (Female)
Christopher Escalante as Jerk
Lee Turner as Loud Customer
Sheila M. Gagne as Old woman

Developed by Seraphim Entertainment:

Peter Gerkman - Writer (Main/Cute!Dough Route) and Creator
Michaela Laws - Writer (Main/Spicy!Dough Route) and Programmer

Helene Daviau-Hunt - Writer (Spicy!Dougha Route)
Adrian Gilbert - Writer (Cute!Dougha Route)

Ethan Nakashima - Assistant Programmer
Camille Ruley - Artist
Christopher Escalante - Music Composer
Jonah Scott - Sound Designer

20-30 minutes Of Gameplay!
8 Possible Endings!
Original Soundtrack
Cute and Hilarious!
Custom GUI and Art!

GxG, GxB, BxB, BxG relationships!

 And finally here are links to download the main visual novel, known as, Pizz’Amore!

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Soundtrack Mirror 1

But that’s not all folks!



Now if you missed the stream you would of missed this as well, so here is the VOD of the stream for you guys to enjoy and listen!

So to get to it, here is the special announcement!!

If you guys noticed in my last post, I said that this announcement would be all about Dough, and it very much is.

I would like to announce the After-Story route for Dough called, Dough’s Secret.

Now you’re probably wondering, “What needs to be expanded on about Dough his story?” “What is his secret?”

Allow me to rephrase that question for you and ask the question again, what is her secret?

Yes there is much more to Dough than there appeared to be previously. Now to explain myself and Dough’s situation in regards to this announcement, Dough born male has never once in his life felt comfortable with himself and always upset. After a long time of thinking, Dough decided that they wanted to be a girl, that that’s what would make them happy. However Dough is too scared and keeps this to herself in order to protect themselves from the already constant teasing by Dougha and through the course of the main Pizz’Amore game, is scared of telling the PC in fear of losing them and being thrown out.

However this new route is a story of acceptance, of oneself and others, love, and change. I promise you it’ll be a super fluffy and I’m excited to share it!

So, there you have it folks! Dough very much prefers to be referred to as a girl, and this whole time you’ve had three main girls instead of just two! Sneaky sneaky!

That’s not all, we have for you what we are hoping to have some concept (non-final) art of what Dough may look like post-release and post transition done by friend, Lauren, available for you guys to see (and hopefully gush over like we have):

(Concept) Post-Reveal:


(Concept) Post-transition:


As you can see the art is different from the main novel. Camille is very busy and we’ve decided between one another that it is best that she not push herself too far and have another artist come in for this route. We will update you with who it is and more art in the near future!

As for when this route will appear, we will let you guys know, but what I will say that it is very much under way. We just need a small break for now. <3

I’m super excited about this announcement and I hope you are too! As always thank you for your support. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please do send them our way!

Thank you!



Loli harem is too strong


Loli harem is too strong

Have people come up to you about Seduce Me?


A couple of people, yes XD

However, one story still makes me laugh way too hard.

One night at ACEN, I went to the lobby to get a cherry coke to go with my takeout (Cause I’m cool like that…) and when I entered the elevator, there was an older woman there. I was wearing my Seduce Me shirt, so she looked at it before asking me “O-oh! What is your shirt about?”

I kindly told her that Seduce Me was a game I was producing and writing for women. She then gave me like.. this playful yet stern look of ‘I will lecture your ear off if you get this wrong’ and asked “A-are you trying to convince women to have sex before marriage?”

I almost lost it but I maintained being a mature woman and said no and she gave a sigh of relief. I then explained that Seduce Me was just a story for girls to read and interact with about romance right before the elevator opened to my floor and let me out. 

I rushed to my room and proceeded to tell Jonah and Helene the whole thing XD

(PS I really am not trying to convince girls to have sex before marriage! Let’s be clear on that haha. It was just so funny to be asked that)

Thanks. :) * more hugs* It'll be a mix of fun and work. I'm going on a mission trip to California. - ggt anon

I love California! Have fun! Take pictures at the beach and blur your face! :P


*good bye hug because I'm going to be gone for like a week and a half* - ggt anon

Oh really? I hope for something FUN! *hugs*

hope you have a good time and travel safe! :D

Update 10: END OF JULY UPDATE <3 · Seduce Me - An Otome Visual Novel